Cute & Quick

These two words – cute & quick – sum up just about everything I hope for when I’m making something, because you never know when the baby will wake up, or someone will need a snack, or an argument will need refereeing. I rarely get my wish, since crafting takes time and patience (and often some peace and quiet too!), but these little trousers are the perfect fit. Excuse the pun. Ahem.


Anyway, as I was saying. I’ve made several pairs now, mostly out of second hand stuff, so it’s a great project for upcycling too! Things I’ve used include an old maternity dress that I made that no longer fits, a shirt from a charity shop with cool colours, another old dress that I never wore anymore. But you could make these from new fabric too, obviously! I used jersey knit for all of these, since it’s comfy, doesn’t fray, and looks so cute!

First, I drafted a paper pattern from a pair of my son’s jeans. I used a size that fit well on him, with a little bit of wiggle room. I lay them flat and drew around their shape. Then I added a half inch seam allowance to my tracing, with two inches added at the waist and cuffs.


Then, using my paper pattern, I cut out my fabric times two (you’ll want a front and a back). Next, with right sides together, sew up those side seams, and then the inside seams, using a half inch seam allowance. Lastly, create a channel for the waistband (I turn the edge down 1/4″, then again another 1.25″. Sew it shut, leaving an opening to thread through some 1″ elastic. Then hem your cuffs to the desired length and you’re done!

How quick and easy is that? Not to mention cute….though I may be biased. 😉



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