Thistle Rambles Shawl

Back in June I cast on Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery Shawl KAL (now renamed Thistle Rambles). I can’t resist MKALs. I really can’t.

As usual, I dithered over colour combinations and yarn options, and eventually settled on using a skein of cool blue-aqua merino/stellina-blend handpsun that my friend had spun up and given me for my birthday (years ago I might add…it waited a long time to find the perfect project!) and a skein of Wollmeise in startling multi-tonal reds (colourway Wilder Mohn) that I won at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in 2015.


The results were nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful! I absolutely adore this colour combination as well as the pattern, and my gamble paid off big time! Of course, it helps that Kirsten is such an amazing designer and I loved all her designs to start with! So I knew I couldn’t go far wrong.



Yeah, I’m pretty chuffed with it. Thanks, Kirsten, for the pattern and thank you, Siún, for the handspun!!


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