My First Fleece, Part Two

You may remember a couple months ago I posted about My First Fleece. In that post, I went through skirting the fleece to washing it to drying it. So what happens next?

After the fleece was dry, I began to experiment with how to best prepare it for spinning. I tried a few different things: I tried combing the locks with wool combs, carding them with hand carders, and finally, passing it through a drum carder.

What I found was that for this particular fleece, hand carding worked best. Combing was equally awesome, but it took a lot more time (the wool combs I borrowed are small), and the end result was pretty much the same. Drum carding it produced a very neppy fibre, and left in a lot of the kemp, whereas hand carding and combing minimised those.

I spun it using a supported long draft style, which I’m not great at, so it’s not as consistent. But I really enjoyed having fun with it and playing around with different thicknesses.

Here are some pictures of it spun, plied, and knit up:

You can see the kemp hairs sticking out at crazy angles.


I knit up this sample on 6mm needles in plain stockinette.




All in all, this was a great experience and I learned a lot, although I don’t think I’ll be using this fleece for any garments. I’m currently working on preparing some alpaca fibre….man, do those animals love the dirt lol! If all goes well, I’m hoping to carding it with some merino and spin it up into a DK weight for a cardigan. Fingers crossed!



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