A Fine Dye Workshop

A couple months ago I attended a workshop with local indie yarn dyer Terri from A Fine Fish Yarns. It was a fabulous day filled with friendly chat, eye-popping experiments in colour and some epic skeins of yarn!

Terri started by giving us a great intro talk about how yarn dyeing works and the types of dyes we’d be using, as well as some awesome tips for using colour to maximise our choices.


Happy crafters!

We ended the day with some amazing skeins of yarn. Terri also gave us the option of adding on a second skein for a very reasonable price, so who could say no? Not me!!

Everyone left happy with their creations.

I can’t WAIT to knit up mine (bottom right, above)! I even gave them colourway names: the one on the left is Grey Street and on the right is Estimated Due Date.

I can’t recommend Terri’s workshops enough. She’s so much fun to work with, her enthusiasm is infectious. I hope to attend more in the future! In the meantime, I’ll be stalking her Facebook page and her website for shop updates!


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