The Perfect Sweater

Awhile ago (a little over a year, in fact), I posted about dyeing some yarn to make Mama Vertebrae, a lovely cardigan pattern I found on Ravelry.


My dear friend Nikki gifted me the pattern, and when I bemoaned the fact that I really really wanted one but had very little time to knit one, she generously offered to knit one for me! I had the yarn and the needles, so I packed them all up and gratefully handed them over. My plan was to stripe the grey yarn that I had dyed with all kinds of colours: vermilion, teal, gold, and a variegated colourway I had with reds, golds, purples, and browns.


Well, what she came up with was nothing short of stunning. And it is to date the only knitted item of clothing I have that fits me absolutely perfectly, despite the tedious gauge swatching and mid-knit fittings I have done on my own knits! I absolutely love it, and will cherish it for as long as it holds up, which should be a very long time!


Sometimes, like food, a handmade item is so much better when it comes from someone else. ❤


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