Schooooool’s Out!!

It’s the last day of school here and while the streets are filled with excited, sugar-filled children shrieking with joy, there are a few who have shed a few tears. (Not me of course. Nope!) The end of the year is a bit magical: the days are long, uniforms are beginning to look shabby and too small, and everyone seems to be itching to get out into the sunshine (when we have sunshine!). I get it. But for parents it often also marks a milestone of sorts. It’s a physical signifier of the marking of time, a tangible snapshot in the endless days of parenthood where we notice just how much our kids have grown in the last year. Teachers notice this too, and so I understand when a few of them get a little weepy watching their small charges charge into the distance while they wave at a receding backside.

With this moment in mind, I try every year to come up with some sort of gift that symbolises just how much we appreciate their effort, dedication, and patience. In the past I’ve made tote bags, imagining the teachers using them to throw in their lunch and maybe a book or two along with their keys, phone, wallet, etc. Another year I made notebook covers with embroidered drawings my son made. This year I settled on a similar theme, because I love the look and feel of linen and handmade just seems so much more special to me somehow. But I didn’t have time to embroider detailed pictures for seven teachers (including assistants), so I went for a simpler option. And I’m so delighted with the outcome that I want ones for myself next!

This year I had the kids draw directly on the linen with fabric pens, then I framed the pieces of fabric. On the back of each frame is a note to the teacher, expressing our thanks, along with a description of the picture.


A cat, a cucumber and a ball. Well, why not?


So, school is out and the summer is HERE! Have a great summer, everyone!


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