Socks: Not So Scary After All

Awhile ago, I posted about knitting some scary socks. They were scary because they were a) my first pair of socks, b) they were knitted using an entirely different construction technique developed by the amazing Cat Bordhi, c) the pattern involves cutting open your knitting in order to finish the leg of the sock and cutting your knitting is *always* terrifying, and d) I was doing them two at a time. Because I apparently like a challenge. Anyway, I had promised an update when they were finished, and, well, that never happened (the updating, not the finishing). But here they are, finished:


That was almost two years ago, and since then, I’ve knit a few more pairs of socks. I love the fit of Cat Bordhi’s personal footprint pattern, and I find it very easy and quick to knit. I had had my eye on the Hannah sock pattern by Patti Waters for awhile, but they were knit cuff down. And although I’m not against cuff down socks, I wanted to stick with a pattern I knew would fit, and so when I had an opportunity to cast on, I did.


It took me forever to finish these. Not because the cabling was difficult, and not because adapting the pattern was difficult. Au contraire. No, it was because my addled brain had to constantly remind me which cable stitch was which, which direction I was meant to be going and where I left off. This is one (big) problem with being a serial wip-er (wip-ist?) like me.

But they’re done now and I love them. I love the colour, I love the cables, and I love how they hug my foot tight.


The yarn is Brown Sheep Nature Spun Fingering, by the way. The colourway is Cherry Delight. The colour pictured here is pretty accurate to real life. I’ll not lose my feet in a dark room!

Now, what shall I cast on next?



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