When Knitting Becomes an Obsession

So my latest project is very much yarn-related, and yet contains not a single stitch. The idea for it came about one evening when I was lamenting (again) to my husband that I needed to raid my yarn stash. (Have you heard?? Stephen West has a new MKAL beginning on 6 November! As soon as I heard, I knew it would be a great way to stash bust while also being a bit adventurous with colour combos. I knew I’d love the end result because I love all of Stephen’s stuff. Yeah, I’m a bit of a fan.)

Anyway, back to raiding my stash. Like most knitters, I have a well-hidden stash. Hidden partly from my kids, partly from my husband, and partly even from myself. If I saw on a daily basis the extent of my stash, I’d be reminded of all the beautiful things I want to knit RIGHT NAO. But that’s not possible. Even if I didn’t have three kids, volunteer work, and a variety of hobbies and other commitments. But not having easy access to my stash is also a huge disadvantage; when I go to start a new project and am not sure what I want to use, I have to dig out the whole lot. Which could take all day. Not to mention the little ‘helpers’ I have, or the other projects I inevitably line up because I’ve spotted that beautiful skein of handspun I’d forgotten about and it’s just BEGGING to made into something. NOW.

So my husband, after yawning and rolling his eyes for the hundredth time, casually says, ‘Why don’t you create some kind of index with your yarn scraps, so you don’t have to go looking through your stash all the time?’

GENIUS. And he doesn’t even like yarn.

I immediately got to work, and here are the results. I have to admit, it took longer than I anticipated, but I love the finished product.

Introducing the Yarndex.

The Yarndex

Some of you may already know that the Yarndex exists as a website for looking up different brands of yarn and comparing weights, fibre content, colours, etc. But it’s not personal to my stash, and it’s hard (for me anyway) to get a really good idea of the colours and textures of different yarns when viewed on a screen. My Yarndex is portable, individual to my tastes, and I can see and feel the different yarns right in front of me, and right next to each other, any time I want.



Each card is labelled with the yarn’s brand name and line, such as Malabrigo – Sock, with the fibre content and quantity in metres. The colourways are listed underneath each sample. In some cases, where the samples contain long colour repeats, I’ve included a snippet (or a couple of snippets) of the yarn and jotted down all the colours that appear in that colourway (which may not be obvious from the snippets).

So there you have it. It’s taken me the better part of two weeks to compile my entire stash, but the end result is quite pleasing. Even if it is rather lumpy to cuddle with at night. 😉

Update (Feb 2016): I recently came across this blog post. She has as interesting and beautifully neat way of organising her stash too! Check it out!

6 thoughts on “When Knitting Becomes an Obsession

    • I use Ravelry to keep track of which skeins get assigned to which patterns, and to log how much I have of the yarn. But I love seeing how other people organise and keep track of their projects and yarn! Great ideas!

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