It’s Officially Summer

Today marked the Last Day of School for my older kiddo. He’s been so excited, probably because of the promise of parties and the sweet things that go with them!

Anyway, this year has been tough for him. My son has tried so hard in school, to fit in, to be recognised, to stay focused. He’s wickedly clever, but his autism often hides that fact. And so he struggles. One of his more obvious issues is fine motor control. Getting him to write, draw or colour has been like getting blood from a stone. He understands his limitations and hates them, causing self esteem issues and behaviour problems. His teachers have tried very hard to support him, and his dad and I spend a lot of time each day helping him through his written homework (which of course he’d much rather do in his head – especially the math). So when he finally began to openly demonstrate his drawing skills, I was delighted. I was even more delighted when he attempted – and succeeded – in writing legibly. So a couple weeks ago, when I started thinking about end-of-the-year teacher presents, I decided I wanted to do something to commemorate his new skills and the hard work they’ve put in in helping him achieve those skills.

So I came up with the idea that I’d embroider some of his drawings onto linen, and then stitch them onto fabric notebook covers. I could have just stitched them directly onto the covers, but I wanted them to stand out, and I wanted to choose fun, bright fabrics, which would have obliterated the details of the embroidery.

This was the end result:


Of course, I had to apologise for their daring, rogue hairstyles and odd choice of fashion. But let’s just remember this is a five year old we’re talking about! Fashion does not rank high on his list of priorities.


This one got a top hat!


A simple thank you.

         20150629_113833     20150629_113839

A sneak peek at the insides (these were really simple – and fast – to make!):


His teachers seemed to appreciate them. I hope they know by now the effort that went into making these (on my son’s part), and how glad I am that we were able to do this. And now, for a little while anyway, we can relax and enjoy a wee break. Happy summer!


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