¡Un Cumpleaños Delicioso!

My darling daughter turned the big THREE last week! So of course there were a multitude of celebrations (you may remember how much I like birthdays from this post). First, there was the issue of a new party dress. I chose a pattern that I’ve made before and loved, even if it is a lot of work….

Isn't she adorable? She was just over 1 in this pic! Where did the time go??

Isn’t she adorable? She was just over 1 in this pic! Where did the time go??

And I found this butterfly print in a local fabric shop and thought it would be just lovely! What do you think?




Of course she was the cutest thing, but then I might be biased.

dress3       dress4


I even made a last-minute matching headband. Which she now insists on wearing with everything. I’m going to have to make more since I need something to keep the hair out of her face!



And of course there was CAKE! I love cake. I love making it and eating it! Darling daughter loves Dora the Explorer, so she got a cake modeled on the Backpack character. I used the chocolate cake recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery (Brooklyn Blackout Cake) and it was DIVINE. I mean, check out the richness of that batter!
hummingbird bakery  making a cake

cake mix

Although instead of mixing up the chocolate custard for the filling, I whipped fresh cream with a spoonful of sugar and layered the cake with cream and strawberries. Oh YUM!


Then I covered the cake with royal icing. I used gel food colouring to make sure I kept the right consistency of the icing while achieving optimum colour results! This was the finished product:

backpack cake

My husband thought it looked dorky. But she seemed to love it, and it was so tasty I don’t think anyone really cared what it looked like! I’ll definitely be making this recipe again.

cake and candles


Happy birthday, sweet smiley girl!

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