Tiny Embroidered Things

I’ve been rather taken with embroidery these days, and something I saw online awhile ago inspired me to try little embroidered necklaces. I have a friend who’s a woodturner (check out his amazing stuff here!), so after some measuring and hemming and hawing, I drew up some specs and had him laser cut the results. Luckily they turned out!

The first one I made was this one, my favourite, because it represents two of my favourite things: tea and knitting. 🙂

tea and knitting

So after some serious looking around online (honestly, I had no idea how difficult it would be just to source some basic wholesale stuff!), I decided to turn them into pretty necklaces! Here are a few of the designs I’ve tried so far:

A flower and inset squares

A flower and inset squares

I’m not sure what I was really thinking with this one, but I like how it turned out. I like patterns with random elements:

Abstract art!

Abstract art!

And another ball of yarn, of course! (Still working on those crochet hooks and sewing needles!)

Ball of yarn

Ball of yarn

And lastly, one that a friend commissioned for her art-loving sister:

Artist's palette

Artist’s palette

I have a few more to do which have been requested. Honestly, I think I love commissions the best, because you know you’re making something specially for someone and you’re hoping they’ll appreciate it. Sometimes the ideas just don’t come as easily when I don’t have someone in mind for a project, you know? Am I the only one that feels this way?

Anyway, the next step will be to work on packaging. I hate marketing and packaging and all that, but the finishing touches really do matter. This necklace I made was pretty much in homage to my feeling about packaging, and was a nod to my fascination with swear words, which has been somewhat discussed here and here. I’ll have to go into more detail sometime. It might be bordering on obsession at this point!


Happy May Day!

P.S. If you’re interested in having something made, find me on Facebook at A Million Paper Stars and shoot me a PM. I’m always happy to consider new designs, and there are plans for more shapes and sizes in the near-ish future. You can also find me on Twitter at Patchworkninja1.

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