Did Someone Say Tote Bag?

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (more on that in another post!). If you haven’t been, you need to go! Anyway, in the weeks leading up to leaving, I decided I just *had* to make myself a new tote bag, as you do, to, you know, tote around yarn stuff. I had already had in mind a wonderful collage of patchwork-y style, using up bits from my fabric stash and going wild with colours and fabrics. I had a few of my own designs in mind, but when I came across Anna from Noodlehead’s 241 Tote Bag, I couldn’t resist having a go.

I made a few modifications. I moved the placement of the front zipper, I enlarged the body and side pockets (which meant resizing the sides a bit), and I used a medium-weight webbing for the strap instead of making my own. I absolutely love it!

241 Tote 1

And better yet, it was perfect for yarn shopping. I still use it as my everyday bag, and it carries everything from my latest knitting projects, to nappies and a change of clothes for my youngest, hats and scarves, books, etc., as well as the essentials (wallet, phone, keys, and snacks!). I loved it so much, I made a couple more…

241 Tote 2

This one was for a friend, and her request was purples/blues/pinks. We decided on this collection of fabrics and I love love love the result. I hope she does, too!

20150404_105001    20150404_104948

I love the little things: the pop of colour inside the zip pocket, the matching lining, and the possibility of endless pockets for those of us who seem to always have small cars and other little toys on our person.

For the next one, I simplified it a bit. I left off the zippered pocket altogether in favour of clean lines and elegance. This was also for a friend, who likes blues and greens, and you’ll probably recognise the fabric here…

241 Tote 3

I had a lot of it, and I just love it. I got it at Jo-Ann’s ages ago.


I hope the new owners love theirs as much as I love mine! I’m a sucker for bags, and I doubt this will be the last one of this pattern that I make. One day I may even put one of my own designs out there, but that would require actual work, wouldn’t it? 😉


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