A New Spring Swing Coat

I’ve been wanting to make the Abbey Jacket (Shwin Designs) for my daughter for at least a year now. At first I was going to make it in red, but then I kept changing my mind as to what the contrast fabric would be. Then I had this vision: how cute would it be in tweed?? So I decided to give it a go. Reading through the pattern, I realised this coat isn’t lined, which kind of ruined my plans for a really cute lining fabric. So I added one anyway. (I’m not one who easily lets go of a plan once I have one!)

The tweed is on the left, and the sweet lining I chose (with darling daughter’s help) is on the right:

20150128_141656          20150128_141649

So I got to work. Since I was adding a lining, the first thing I did was cut the lining fabric a bit differently. I added 1/4″ in width and 5/8″ in height at the armholes to allow for more freedom of movement. I kept in the pleat at the top of the shoulder because I thought it might give the finished garment extra puff at the shoulders. (In my opinion, it does!)


I also had to recut the collar, because for some reason I couldn’t get the original pattern to fit the top of the jacket. Maybe this was due to less of a seam allowance at the sides because of the way I added the lining. Anyway. It wasn’t that much work to just redraft a collar that would fit and sew it on. And here’s the result:


A sweet little coat for spring! (Because spring here is still chilly!)


I used self-covering buttons and highlighted some of the images on the lining fabric.

DSC_0191 copy

And here’s a peek at the inside lining:


All in all, a sweet little coat for a sweet little girl! Now I just have to find a suitable wool blend fabric for the boy child! I’ve got my eye on the Jude Jacket, also by Shwin Designs.

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