I Have A Thing About Redheads…

When I was little, I had a rag doll I named Jackie. She had bright orange yarn hair plaited into two braids and an orange floral dress trimmed in bright orange ric rac. I loved her. She is still stored somewhere in my mom’s house. I always thought if I had kids I would dig her out and she would be theirs to love.

But time moves so quickly when you have kids. Although mine are still little and would almost certainly love the addition of Jackie into their mountain of stuffed toys and dolls, I haven’t yet managed to excavate Jackie from my mom’s attic space. It’s a difficult space to get into and requires someone stronger than she or I. And did I mention we live 5,000 miles apart? So since I started having kids 5 years ago, I have yet to find Jackie.

So that perhaps explains why I was so attracted to the idea of making my own rag dolls. I’ve made many over the years, with all shades of hair colour.

Ones with ribbon hair:

Maria      Gillian

And then there were the Supernatural ones I did for friend. Introducing Sam and Dean, complete with leather jacket and chest tattoo:

Sam and DeanSam

But some of my favourites have been the redheads. Just like Jackie.


And I’m sure these won’t be the last!

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