Fun with Waffles…and tasty too!!

Awhile ago I was with friends in a Donegal Lidl store. We were mooching around, looking for the perfect snack foods to accompany a movie night, and I spotted this waffle maker. It wasn’t an ordinary waffle maker. It made ANIMAL SHAPES.

You can probably just picture my joy. And it was less than 15 euros. What did I have to lose??

I didn’t make waffles that weekend. We ended up getting the wrong ingredients and the enthusiasm gave way to laziness and pre-packaged foods.

But the next weekend? Oh yeah. There were WAFFLES.


A whole menagerie of elephants, lions, and giraffes graced our plates. (My daughter insisted the giraffes were actually llamas. She’s clearly the daughter of a knitter.) They were so tasty we ate them plain. And we didn’t save a crumb for Daddy. Oops.


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