Christmas Crafting

Yep, I left it last minute again. Decided that instead of just sending chocolates, or toys, or something easy that I know they’d love anyway, I figured why not whip up a few handmade ornaments for the tree? A little sentimental reminder that although we may not be together this Christmas, I’ll be thinking of my friend and her family overseas.

It started with this, a book I was given last year by a friend who had too many books to fill her shop and knew I’d put it to good use:


It’s Cath Kidston’s Make Your Own Christmas Decorations.

I couldn’t resist giving it a whirl. Sometimes pre-made craft kits are more fun once you know what kind of work goes into gathering the supplies and planning your designs and making templates, blah blah blah. Sometimes it’s fun just to dig in and follow someone else’s instructions.

So I got started. It comes with enough felt, pompoms, embroidery floss and string to make each of the twelve decorations in the book. Of course I switched up the colours a little. I said it was fun to follow someone else’s instructions, but I didn’t say I followed them religiously!


It took a little longer than i thought, to draw, cut sew and stuff three little stockings. But whatever. I needed to relax anyway. And I ended up with this:


Aren’t they cute?

And yeah, they probably won’t arrive until after Christmas. Doh.

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