Embroidery Fun

Ok, so this post isn’t entirely kid-friendly. But sometimes needs must, and I have to admit, I’ve had an absolute blast making these. They make me smile, and I feel a little prankish and silly just looking at them. Which was their intention. So here we go!

A month ago, my good friend had her car stolen. Technically, she was car-jacked, and while it was a scary and harrowing experience (and also devastating because she lost her just-bought-a-few-weeks-before car), she was ok physically. Which is great! But losing the car made us all sad, and I thought that while making this was never going to make up for the experience, it just might make her smile in that same silly way that it makes me smile.

I made her this:


It definitely had the desired effect. But then another friend saw it, and requested this:


All this is good practice, because eventually, as my embroidery improves, I want this on a scatter cushion (or maybe a wall hanging!):


3 thoughts on “Embroidery Fun

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