A Not-So-Little Side Project…


Recently, a friend asked me to recover some cushions for her. I said yes, because cushions are easy, right? Yes! Except these turned out to be window seat cushions (well, two large-ish ones and two smaller ones). The biggest measured about 50″ by 21″ by 4″ and had a sort of trapezoidal shape. And the old covers had piping along all the edges, so I thought it would give a better shape if the new ones did too. She chose a lovely moss green striped cotton and I got to work measuring and cutting….

It was fun planning and drafting my pattern and measuring and then sewing it all together, but it was far more time consuming than I had thought. For a start, I had an unexpected surgery about two weeks’ previous (hence the radio silence here, I apologise), and while crawling around on the floor measuring and cutting was painful and slow, it also provided a much needed distraction. I don’t do patience and recovery very well at all….unless I’m recovering cushions, apparently. (I couldn’t resist.)

Anyway, it was also time consuming because I made all the piping first, then sewed it on as I sewed on the side strips, which I had cut from one long piece to cover all three sides. The fourth side contained a zip sewn along its length (my first time sewing with a zip cut from a cone!). It was tedious but I was too impatient to baste the piping on first. But I pinned heavily and it worked out great!

Here are some finished pics:




Thankfully, my friend was pretty happy with them!


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