Scary Socks

So I recently just cast on my first pair of socks. Although I’ve knit a lot of things, I’ve never actually knit a pair of socks! And I’ve been meaning to. So I jumped in and took the challenge. After some urging from a fellow (avid sock) knitter, I decided to try Cat Bordhi’s Personal Footprint socks. The idea is that you knit the socks according to your own specific measurements (or the measurements of someone else if you’re knitting for them). The pluses: you get a made-to-measure sock! The minuses: the first time you knit the socks, you have to keep trying them on to work out your increases/decreases, which can be hard if you’re knitting for someone who isn’t readily accessible.

Anyway, the really fun part about the construction of Cat Bordhi’s sock pattern (besides it being toe-up) is that it’s so different. There are no short rows, no wrap and turns, no flaps or gussets or anything like that. You basically knit a tube for your foot, using decrease rounds (like a hat) for the ankle. And then, after picking up the designated stitches from a lifeline you place along the length of the tube, you (gasp!) cut open a slit for your leg. Or, as she writes, ‘the stitches on the [needle] cable resemble a closed mouth, and cutting the single stitch allows the mouth to open and sing a leg song’. How much more poetic can you get?? Here are some pictures, which will help immensely:


So here’s the tube for your foot. The top bit is the heel, and it’s still open for now. It’ll be closed later with a three-needle bind off. The pink lifelines are where I have marked off for the leg opening. I pick those stitches up with my needles (I chose to use a long circular needle, but there are instructions in the book for working with dpns or two circs). There is one row in between the lifelines. The orange marker is the important one: I’ll cut that stitch, and unravel that row almost to the ends. (The green marker doesn’t mean anything, I just put it there because I started knitting these two at a time and I wanted to mark which sock came first.)

Here is a picture of one side of the row unravelled!


And then you have:


An open hole where your leg goes! Your live stitches (from the lifeline) are on the needles and you can start knitting the leg part now.

I’ll update when I’ve actually finished the pair, but I’m well into the leg part now and loving them. Can’t wait to wear them!

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