Cute Little Button-Down Shirt

So my friend recently asked me to make a shirt for her friend’s two-year-old. She didn’t mind about colours or patterns, she said just go with it. I had a few ideas, but eventually decided on two things: boys like cars (if he’s anything like my little boy), and it had to be colourful. Bright colours look so amazing on little kids! They really know how to work their wardrobe. So this was the end result:

bowler shirt

Pretty cute, huh? I’ve made several for my little guy and he looks so handsome in button-down shirts. I had a hard time choosing the buttons for this; first I wanted wooden ones, then I thought I might go with a spectrum of colours…in the end I chose white and I think the simplicity really works well. Glad I went with these in the end! Let’s hope the birthday boy likes it!

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